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The Four Advantages of Cloud Based Computing

Data Center:

In the economy we inhabit, your data is your business. Inventory, customer files, intellectual property, and more.. virtually everything companies do now exists in digital space. This arrangement increases physical efficiency and minimizes physical labor, but comes with a certain amount of risk. Interrupted availability, network failures, or breaches of your data can have crippling effects on your company and your relationship with customers, vendors, and employees.

Effectively managing data can be cost-prohibitive for many small- to mid-sized businesses. EBM is able to mitigate that cost with industry-leading expertise and forward-thinking solutions that deliver maximum value to your company while minimizing cost.

You deserve more than a cookie-cutter solution; each EBM system is intentionally custom-designed with the future in mind, so that our clients are able to take advantage of new advances in data technology as the tech landscape constantly shifts.

EBM’s data center solutions include the following services:

Storage Infrastructure

There’s always a balance to be struck between cost and performance. Whether your company needs a secured private cloud, a virtual desktop environment, or something in-between, EBM can help design a custom solution that maximizes efficiency while minimizing budgetary impact.

Each industry has its own set of requirements regarding storage, security, and data retention. It’s a fine line to walk: you don’t want underperforming IT infrastructure, but you also don’t want to waste money on overkill. EBM has the expertise necessary to accurately predict and deliver your specific storage and security needs.


Virtual servers and desktops can make your business more flexible and efficient. EBM is equipped to take an overview of your IT assets and liabilities and deliver an integrated solution that will increase your system’s uptime and efficiency while minimizing wasted power, space, and budget.

Briefly imagine the sheer amount of time, space, and power consumed by your organization’s desktop and laptop computers. EBM offers a holistic solution that combines virtual desktops and thin clients, which can have immediate and dramatic impact on administrative overhead and overall security and efficiency:

  • Efficient and cost-effective deployment of new workstations
  • Simplification of office moves or onboarding new employees
  • Decreased clutter / increased available desk space
  • Increased data security and disaster recovery capability
  • Efficient deployment of new software and applications

To discuss the benefits your business could realize using EBM virtualization services, contact us today.

Server Virtualization

The benefits of desktop virtualization are exponentially increased when applied to server virtualization. Virtual servers enable your business to allocate IT resources in real-time, minimizing waste and maximizing speed and efficiency. A virtual environment also maximizes your organization’s physical space, reducing the need for space-eating physical servers in your buildings.

Server virtualization also has a direct impact on cooling costs, as older servers tend to be power-sucking, inefficient heat machines. And virtual servers minimize time spent on physical tasks, like running cabling and moving bulky servers around the building.

In contrast, virtual environments lead to fewer physical servers to manage, reduced power consumption and cooling bills, and a generally leaner, more spacious business environment. To discuss the process of moving your business into a truly virtual environment, contact EBM today for a consultation


Networking technology never quits shifting; for businesses that stay ahead of the curve, this offers a competitive advantage. EBM exists to help you leverage this advantage. Our engineers will design and execute a custom solution for your company, utilizing the latest IP network solutions to increase your network’s uptime and security while minimizing complexity and cost.

The infrastructures we provide has been tested across a wide range of customers, applications, and industries, offering the most comprehensive and trustworthy solutions for your organization’s IT needs.

Server / Cloud Services

Server and cloud service requirements are company- and industry-specific; needs will differ widely from company to company. EBM consults with each to offer solutions specifically tailored to their unique situation.

Regardless of your industry, there are a number of clear benefits to be leveraged from cloud services, including:

  • Flexibility and pay-as-you-use capability. Whether it’s a specific time frame or a specific project, an effective cloud solution enables you to maximize budget by paying only for server resources you actually consume. This shifts a significant portion of most budgets from capital expenditures to operating expenditures.
  • Demand-based services. Rather than adopting permanent infrastructure, which wastes space, time, and money, cloud services enable our clients to use only the resources needed in real-time.
  • Redundancy and resiliency. EBM cloud services provide enhanced security by shifting cloud-based resources on-the-fly to proactively protect against server failure, minimizing the need for monitoring on your end.

Contact EBM today to discuss your specific needs and the benefits our cloud services can offer.