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Microsoft Office 365 is ever-changing and evolving, and implementing it into your business or organization is a big step. Expert advice is needed to get the most benefit from it, and that’s why hiring an Office 365 consultant is an important step you can take.

Hiring the Right Office 365 Consultant

Choosing the right Office 365 consultant should be done only after a careful search. But if you’re an IT professional who is responsible for your company’s migration to Office 365, having an expert to help you through the process will make sure that the migration is not only done smoothly, but done on time. Here are some of the requirements you should expect your consultant to meet:

*They should understand all aspects of Office 365

There are many complexities and components when it comes to Office 365 and your consultant should understand the full spectrum of it. That means understanding the infrastructure aspects – such as email and instant messaging – but also all of its business and social aspects. Many consultants understand the infrastructure aspect of Office 365, but don’t have a full grasp of the business and social elements.

*The consultant should be able to help with full migration

Your consultant should help you migrate all of your content into Office 365. Handling this migration on your own can be frustrating and time-consuming, and carries with it the risk of losing valuable information.

*The consultant should help now and later

Offering ongoing support and guidance after the migration to Office 365 should be an important service your consultant offers. Because Office 365 is ever-changing, you run the risk of falling behind without future support.

Other Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

There are many instances where hiring an Office 365 consultant makes perfect sense. Moreover, there are cost-effective ways you can use a consultant, such as:

*Reducing the overall time of the project

If a consultant can help you finish your Office 365 migration in half the time it would take you alone, then the price of hiring one can actually save money.

*Helping with certain aspects

There will likely be portions of the migration to Office 365 that are too complex to handle on your own (or with your team). A consultant can help with just those aspects of the projects.

*A consultant can provide general guidance

Even if your team feels confident in handling the migration, certain issues will arise and having a consultant available will save valuable time as you work through those issues.

*A consultant can answer all of your questions

Many questions will undoubtedly arise once it’s decided that your company or organization will migrate from its current platform to Office 365. Some of these questions may be:

*How do you match the applications you now use to Office 365?

*How do you keep the user experience from changing too much?

*How long will the migration last?

*What are possible issues that you haven’t thought of yet?

*What are resources within your organization that you can use?

*What level of Microsoft licensing is appropriate for your migration?

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