Network Security

Modern interior of server room in datacenterNetwork security is an issue you must pay attention now a days. You can be sure the people who want to harm you work hard every day to get past your security measures. Its imperative that organizations use the best firewalls, spam filtering, spyware, malware, and anti-virus protection you can afford.  Protecting your network is equivalent to protecting any other asset your organization owns. To find the best methods of protection you should consult with professionals in the field of network security. EBM is a leader in the area of network security. EBM focuses on network security solutions for any size organization.

  • External Penetration/Vulnerability Scanning
  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning
  • Mobile Device Scanning
  • Windows Malware Scanning
  • Credential Patch Auditing
  • Policy Compliance Auditing
  • Host Discovery
  • Internal PCI Network Scan


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