Enterprise Data Center

As we move deeper into the “Information Age,” more and more SMEs (small to medium-sized businesses) are finding that outsourcing as many of their IT needs as possible is a much more efficient and cost-effective solution than maintaining a large, in-house IT department.

For numerous SMEs, EBM has been a reliable partner that has met virtually all of their IT needs. After 40 years in the industry, EBM still lives on the cutting edge of innovation and makes it affordable for their clients to do the same.

One of the key ways that EBM engineers help businesses achieve their maximum IT output/efficiency is by optimizing their data centers in the following areas:


The modern data center involves a host of different server types, many of them dedicated to one specific task, and unless your servers are functioning at high efficiency, everything you do with your data will be slowed down if not stopped outright.

And yet, all of your servers, from database servers to domain servers to application, email, print, and file servers, must be coordinated to work in unison as a single “team” that maximizes speed and effectiveness while minimizing costs.

EBM has the expertise to connect your data center to the best servers available on the market today, to repair/upgrade your existing servers, and to monitor your servers to ensure they are running at top functionality and are fully secure.

Storage Infrastructure

Without solid storage infrastructure in place, all data production and transfer is ephemeral and of only temporary and limited value. And yet, the cost and logistics of storing large quantities of data in an organized and easily retrievable way mean that storage infrastructure must be carefully arranged and managed.

Modern trends in data storage include: EFDs (Enterprise Flash Drives), data encryption before disk-to-disk or device-to-device data transfers, thin provisioning and pre-allocation of storage space to reduce necessary storage space, and automated tiering, which automatically stores data in different locations based on sensitivity level or other factors.

EBM engineers know how to store your data in ways that simultaneously improve security, speed up retrieval time, and reduce storage costs.


It is estimated by industry experts that virtualization technologies will be in virtual universal use by 2020. File, storage, desktop, server, and other forms of virtualization involve presenting computers with condensed, “logical representations” of data instead of bringing up the actual data itself.

A “virtualized” data center can accomplish the same data-movement tasks in less time and use less energy than “conventional” means. Virtualization also enables files to be accessed regardless of the physical location where the file is actually stored. Virtualization also reduces the number of servers needed in your data center, improves system security and reliability, dynamically balances server loads to prevent system crashes, and has many other benefits as well.

EBM offers full virtualization services and can help you navigate the many complex virtualization options to find which solution is right for you.


In today’s business environment, data centers cannot operate in isolation but must be maximally connected to a variety of networks, both cloud-based and otherwise. The complexity of modern computing demands that networking infrastructure be carefully installed, periodically upgraded, and constantly monitored/managed.

Not only larger data centers, but data centers of every size, can benefit from network strategy planning and advanced network technologies. High-speed data links, up to date switches and routers, specialized software algorithms, and other advanced hardware/software can improve the functionality of your networks.

EBM can help you select networking equipment that will improve the reliability and speed of your connections and keep you competitive in your industry.


Finding a long-term partner to optimize your business’ IT functionality and cost-effectiveness is a need rather than a mere luxury in today’s business environment. Outsourcing the lion’s share of your IT needs and achieving data center optimization pays high dividends by saving you time, money, and frustration.

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