Enterprise Data Center

Depositphotos_21259467_l-2015EBM understands the importance of data center optimization to today’s businesses. Business functionality and efficiency is ever more dependent on the ability to create, store, and access data in a timely, secure, and cost-effective manner.

Whether relying exclusively on online cloud computing or combining an in-house network with cloud capabilities, you need your data center to be maximally productive, combining powerful performance with ease of use.

Here are some ways that EBM helps its clients optimize their data centers:


Without powerful, reliable servers working at maximal efficiency, your data center will not be able to meet the data handling needs of your business. EBM engineers have deep expertise in installing, upgrading, and maintaining data center servers to ensure they achieve optimal performance.

Server-related services offered at EBM include:

  • Help you upgrade/replace inadequate servers
  • Install and organize tier 1, mission critical, regulated, and other types of servers in your data center
  • Prevent “server sprawl” and resultant low utilization rates
  • Plan build-outs in a way that will not hurt performance
  • Implement “unified computing” to boost productivity and reduce costs
  • Monitor your servers to prevent over-load, viral “infections,” and security breaks
  • Ensure servers are available for your use even when disasters strike

Storage Infrastructure

EBM can bring together the latest advancements in data storage technology and integrate them with your existing systems. We can make your storage systems both more efficient and more secure. We understand that effective data storage is a prime key to your business’ success, and our team of highly trained engineers can equip you with modern, high-performance data storage infrastructure that is second to none.

Data storage related services offered by EBM include:

  • Install new, “scalable” data storage hardware and software
  • Modernize legacy storage systems
  • Use “thin provisioning” to reduce idle storage space
  • Provision adequate storage space for disaster recovery
  • Utilize HPE to reduce floor space usage and power consumption
  • Use data encryption and automated security-level tiering to keep sensitive stored data as safe as possible


Virtualization is one of the leading trends that is revolutionizing modern data centers. In essence, it represents a transition from a hardware to a software-centric approach to computing and data storage. EBM engineers are fully versed in cutting-edge virtualization technologies and can utilize them to increase overall effectiveness while consolidating servers and lowering energy consumption.

Virtualization-related services offered at EBM include:

  • Storage virtualization, which shows servers “logical representations” of stored data instead of loading the data itself, thus saving energy and improving data-retrieval efficiency
  • File virtualization, which enables easier access to and sharing of data files
  • Desktop virtualization, which improves security and saves on power and desktop space
  • Unified computing, wherein we tie together all aspects of your data center to enable virtualization to have the highest possible impact


Advanced data center network architecture can give your business a competitive edge by boosting processing speed and power, while simultaneously lowering operating costs. EBM can equip you with a wide range of networking products and optimally configure your data center to ensure it is up to its “full networking potential.”

Networking-related services offered at EBM include:

  • Optimally arrange your switches, routers, controllers, and access points
  • Ensure easy management of network access control
  • Integrate cloud and in-house networks and help you transition from legacy architectures
  • Improve network convergence and performance through physical redundancy, WAN and other links, and server connections
  • Conduct a network assessment to identify any problems/inefficiencies and then make the necessary adjustments


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